Leonard Gresens
Owner / Managing Producer

Rachel Wilburn

Specializing in Senior Market Health Insurance, Life Insurance, LongTerm Care and Final Expense.

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Agency Overview

Cornerstone Financial Services is a full service insurance agency. Our years of experience allow us to provide invaluable insight into the maze of financial products commonly presented as remedies to your financial objections. With our help, you will learn how to avoid the product trap.
There are literally hundreds of options for growing your wealth that may or may not have the desired impact you seek. While most products will produce results, we are confident a new financial mindset of utilizing fewer and/or newer products will yield more spendable wealth. The approach we take together will transform confusing product searches into a productive process. Let’s get started.

Our Mission

The mission of Cornerstone Financial Services, LLC, is to provide unbiased information and support to individuals and/or organizations in their understanding and to then implement an effective strategy for retaining and building spendable wealth and Senior Health concerns including Estate Planning.